General Information

We started selling on our boat but so many people asked how to get our ice cream because they didn't always have access to the lake, that we decided to add our van.  We were super excited because this also allowed us to have more fun with our community.  We have included some activities and word puzzles, that we think are fun.  Trying to answer trivia cards is one of our favorite family get together activities, so we set some out at the van for you to enjoy as well.  (Yes, we know our nerd is showing.) 

Because we are always looking for something fun to go do, and thought you might be as well, we have created our SSIC Genius Challenge.  You have to figure out puzzles and follow clues to try to unlock a combination on a box where triumph awaits.  We will also announce to the world that you are a SSIC Genius.

Come have some fun with us!